19 September 2016

Pressure builds on India gov't to retaliate against Pakistan

Indian students hold placards and stand near a formation of flowers that read "tribute to brave martyrs" as they pay tribute to the Indian soldiers killed in the Sunday attack on army base in Indian-controlled Kashmir early Sunday, at a school in Ahmadabad, India, Monday, Sept. 19, 2016. Suspected rebels using guns and grenades sneaked into a crucial army base in Indian-controlled Kashmir early Sunday and killed at least 17 soldiers in the deadliest attack on a military base in the disputed Himalayan region in recent years, the army said.
India's prime minister came under increasing pressure Monday from within his own party, as many in the country demanded a strong response to a deadly weekend attack that the government blames on Pakistan-based militants.
But amid the calls for revenge, many analysts warned that a military response would be extremely dangerous, and that diplomatic and trade restrictions were far more likely.