12 May 2016

UN: Rising air pollution in world's cities killing millions

In this Dec. 25, 2015, file photo, pedestrians make their way across a busy intersection on a day with severe air pollution in Beijing. The World Health Organization on Thursday May 12, 2016 released new information from its Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution Database, that says 98 percent of residents in large cities of low- and middle-income countries are facing excessively high air pollution.
Almost everyone in large cities in poor and middle-income countries faces excessively high air pollution, a growing problem that is killing more than 3 million people prematurely each year and "wreaking havoc on human health," the World Health Organization said Thursday.
The U.N. health agency says more than four out of five city dwellers worldwide live in cities that don't meet WHO air quality guidelines — 98 percent in poorer countries and 56 percent even in high-income countries.

Brazil's Senate impeaches president Rousseff; trial ahead

An anti-government demonstrator shows off her Brazilian flag motif face paint outside Congress in Brasilia, Brazil, Wednesday, May 11, 2016. Brazil's Senate is nearing a historic vote on impeaching President Dilma Rousseff, likely ending 13 years of government by her party amid a spate of crises besetting Latin America's largest nation.
Brazil's Senate voted Thursday to impeach President Dilma Rousseff after a months-long fight that laid bare the country's fury over corruption and economic decay, hurling Latin America's largest country into political turmoil just months before it hosts the Summer Olympics.
Rousseff's enraged backers called the move a coup d'etat and threatened wide-scale protests and strikes. Her foes, meanwhile, insisted that she had broken the law, and that the country's deep political, social and economic woes could only be tackled without her.