5 December 2015

Spiderman, Batman, others mob New Delhi's Comic Con

Fans dressed as Hindu mythological characters pose for photographs at Delhi Comic Con in New Delhi, India, Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015. Indian mythological heroes, dressed in gaudy costumes with bejeweled crowns and sparkly clothes, added to the carnival atmosphere of India's annual comic book fest Saturday, ready to oblige fans with an autograph, a selfie or a photograph.
Spiderman was there. As was Batman. The supervillain Joker rubbed shoulders with Wicked Lulu from the League of Legends.
Thousands of fans cheered and clicked pictures with their favorite comic characters Saturday at India's annual comic book fest at a sprawling fairground in southeast New Delhi.
The fifth Delhi Comic Con had something for everyone who attended on this mild, wintry day. Die-hard fans came dressed as their favorite comic characters. Others crowded the more than 200 stalls selling comic books, graphic novels and merchandise on cartoon characters.

With lives at risk, Nepal struggles to escape dysfunction

In this Nov. 27, 2015 photo, Nepalese people sit on the top of a crowded public bus in Kathmandu, Nepal. An ethnic group’s blockade of a key border point with India is leaving Nepal with only about 15 percent of its normal supply of gasoline, diesel and cooking fuel, and creating shortages of other goods including food and medicine.
Shiva Parwar has been camping on the pavement for five days, waiting in line for cooking gas. There are 521 gas cylinders ahead of his, and not even the dealer knows when more fuel will arrive, thanks to a two-month-long border blockade that shows no sign of ending.
"I sent my wife and child back to our village home because we don't have the gas to cook," said Parwar, whose roadside candy stall is shuttered while he waits. "I have been eating in restaurants with borrowed money but that too has run out. I have no option but to wait in line."

18 die in India hospital as floods cut off power

A patient is shifted to an ambulance after the hospital she was being treated in had to be shut down because of power failure and being inundated with floodwaters in Chennai, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Friday, Dec. 4, 2015. The relentless rains that lashed the state for three days eased Friday, but the misery of tens of thousands of people was far from over, with large parts of the main city still underwater along with the region's biggest airport.
Severe floods that hit the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu this week have killed 18 patients after rain waters knocked out generators, officials said Saturday.
State officials were investigating complaints of negligence by hospital authorities in the state capital Chennai, which is reeling from unprecedented floods.
The 18 patients were in the intensive care unit when a power outage affected ventilators in the hospital, leading to their deaths over the past two to three days, said Health Secretary J. Radhakrishnan.