13 February 2015

7 Romantic And Practical Apps For Couples

Technology is so often the foil to romance: illicit texts are discovered; Netflix shows are covertly watched apart; apps like Tinder threaten to take all the romance out of sex. But there are some apps out there that help, rather than hurt, romance. Here are a few of the virtual equivalents to a dozen red roses.
Couple is, as advertised, an app specifically designed for couples, and it's incredibly comprehensive. There's private messaging, date planning, shared lists, a live drawing feature, and an almost too cute thumbprint to thumbprint feature. It's free for iPhone and Android.
All couples have those moments where they seem to have exhausted all date night possibilities. This app creates date night suggestions for those couples at a loss. It helps coordinate calendars and find local movies and restaurants. It's available for $1.99 on iTunes.
Between creates another virtual space for couples, but this one is incredibly customized. The Korean app provides a homepage that features each partner, alongside anniversaries, moments, and private messages. It's available for free for iPhone, Android, and on PC desktops.
LoveByte creates a digital scrapbook of your relationship just for the two of you, in addition to offering a messaging and date saving features. It's free for iPhone and Android.
Fix A Fight
In the event of a lovers' quarrel, this app helps you and your partner through fights. Guided by a real marriage counselor, it offers activities and talking points. It's available for $4.99 on iTunes.
A collection of icebreaking questions is only, well, the tip of the iceberg for this app. It also features a private messaging system, a relationship score, and a community of couples to talk to about relationships. It's $1.99 for iPhone.
Kouply makes a game out of relationships. Thoughtful remembrances and little niceties earn you points, and you can challenge other couples as well. It's available for free on iTunes.