7 October 2016

How a patient's 'crazy' request for a new womb made history

In this photo taken Monday, Sept. 19, 2016, professor Mats Brannstrom talks about the revolutionary womb transplant he led that links three generations of a Swedish family at Stockholm IVF fertility clinic in Stockholm, Sweden. Brannstrom has made medical history by becoming the first doctor to deliver babies, five so far, from women with donated wombs, in a stunning advance that could lead to new insights into reproductive medicine and beyond.
When the young Australian cervical cancer patient learned she had to lose her womb in order to survive, she proposed something audacious to the doctor who was treating her: She asked if she could have a womb transplant, so she could one day carry her own baby.
This was nearly two decades ago, when the Swedish doctor Mats Brannstrom was training to be a physician abroad.
"I thought she was a bit crazy," Brannstrom said.