24 February 2016

China's top phone maker Xiaomi unveils new flagship handset

Vsitors attend the Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona, Spain, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016.
China's leading smartphone maker, Xiaomi, unveiled Wednesday its new flagship device, the Mi 5, which it hopes will strengthen its hold on the world's biggest domestic market for handsets.

Staying with Xiaomi's strategy of undercutting global giants like Samsung and Apple, the Mi 5 aims to provide speedy processing and light weight at a relatively low cost.

Amnesty criticizes India for intolerance of dissent

Indian students shout slogans during a protest in New Delhi, India, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016. Thousands of students and teachers are gathering in the heart of the Indian capital to protest the recent death of a student due to caste discrimination and the arrest of a student leader on sedition charges in New Delhi.
Amnesty International has joined a growing chorus accusing India of supporting a climate of intolerance by cracking down on dissent through arbitrary arrests, caste-based discrimination, extrajudicial killings and attacks on freedom of expression.

The rights group said in its annual global report, published Wednesday, that India's Hindu nationalist government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had failed to prevent hundreds of incidents of communal violence, usually involving members of the Hindu majority pitted against Muslims or other minorities. Instead, ruling party lawmakers and politicians were fueling religious tensions with provocative speeches and justifications for the violence, it said.