23 February 2016

Damage to India canal highlights Delhi's water vulnerability

Villagers walk next the Munak canal, near the village of Bindroli, India, Monday, Feb. 22, 2016. Fears of a water crisis in the Indian capital eased Monday with security forces securing a canal in Haryana, which provides 60 percent of its water needs.
Engineers were working to restore New Delhi's full water supply Tuesday after protesters damaged a key canal in a neighboring state and disrupted supplies over the weekend — highlighting the extreme water vulnerability faced by the Indian capital's 18 million residents.
Some supplies resumed to northern and central parts of New Delhi, and will hopefully reach western neighborhoods by Tuesday evening, said Delhi's water minister, Kapil Mishra. In the meantime, 70 water tankers have been sent to western areas of the city where taps have been dry for up to two days.