15 December 2015

A British medical artist and crime solving science bring you the unexpected face of Jesus

The face of arguably the most famous person in history was a mystery until forensic anthropology put together Jesus’ probable face.
Without a physical description in the Bible or any other known writings, remains from which to find DNA, the presence of a skeleton or skull, or original drawings, the image of Jesus through history was left to the artist’s imagination. As a general rule their imagination did not stray too far, typically depicting Jesus with features reflecting their own cultural standard for a good looking man.

New Zealand picks new flag design to challenge current flag

This undated illustration provided by the New Zealand Government shows a flag design; Silver Fern (Black, White and Blue) by Kyle Lockwood. Final results from a postal ballot were announced Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015. The winning design features a silver fern and red stars on a black and blue background. The new design will now go head-to-head against the current flag in a national vote that will be held in March.
The British Union Jack once symbolized the reach of a powerful empire — but it may need to yield soon to a delicate silver fern. At least on New Zealand's flag.
New Zealand on Tuesday revealed the new flag design chosen by the public to be put up as a challenger to the current flag in a March vote.
The question of whether to change a national symbol that has endured for more than a century and harks back to a colonial past has raised plenty of passion, and skepticism, in this nation of 4.6 million.