26 October 2015

Woman back in India 12 years after straying into Pakistan

Indian national Geeta greets media with a traditional Indian "namaste" prior her departure from the international airport in Karachi, Pakistan, Monday, Oct. 26, 2015. Geeta, who is deaf and mute, accidentally crossed the border into Pakistan from India as a child nearly 12 years ago, left for Delhi after Indian authorities issued her travel document, local media reported.
Twelve years ago, a deaf and mute 11-year-old girl crossed the Indian border into Pakistan. On Monday, finally, she flew home to a warm and emotional welcome.
Wearing a red tunic, her head loosely covered with a matching scarf, the girl — now a 23-year-old woman who had been given the name Geeta — waved to the scores of people who had gathered at the New Delhi airport to greet her. She was carrying a big bouquet of flowers given to her by Indian officials. It was a rare happy moment between hostile neighbors whose officials are often indifferent to the lives of innocent civilians.